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    Headquartering in Hong Kong, New Star Intl Group Limited owns five branch factories that are Shenzhen Star New Material Co., Ltd, Suzhou Star New Material Co., Ltd, Suzhou Sidaer New Material Co., Ltd, Tianjin Star New Material Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Star Electronics Co., Ltd and one software company Shenzhen Wowostar Information Technology Co., Ltd.

New Star International Group Limited has its own independent industrial parks covering more than 60,000 square meters and employees more than 800 workers after more than ten years of effort and development. Now it is on a diversified and international development path with packaging as its main focus and construction materials, IT, tourism, and other areas as its expanding industries. Currently, our products are exported to over 30 countries such as Germany, America, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and others.

Our Products include Anti-static packaging (anti-static film, anti-static EPE sheet, profiled packaging);Anti-static consumables(Dust-free room consumables); Packaging for express service (paper and film packaging, bubble lined paper or film packaging); PE extrusion composite and coating materials (packing paper, medical paper, film, woven cloth, glass fiber, paper-plastic composite film, coated aluminum foil) ,Thermal insulation materials for building construction,Die cutting and punching products for cell phone components. All products have passed SGS testing and play leader roles in the market.
Weve been an excellent integrated service supplier for more than 30 Global 500 multinational corporations, offering one stop-service from product design, research to manufacture, storage and logistics distribution for all of our anti-static packing products.
Our factories carry out ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environment management system. The companys outstanding management team, experienced staff, steady raw materials suppliers and advance machines provide a guarantee for our strong production capacity and stable quality. With stable and progressive development, we set offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing,Xian etc. in latest two years which could offer more speedily and comprehensively service to our customer.

Since Star establishment, We always takes researching and developing products that can meet customers requirements as our responsibility. we own the R&D and Quality Inspection centers and obtained many patents . With a superior, high-quality brand as our platform, we will always conform to Quality, Price, Service and Credit as our basic principles and be willing to seek common development, a win-win policy and a mutually brilliant future together with our customers.

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